Terry Albert author of Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month
Your Beagle puppy Month by Month by Terry Albert

Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month

Modern Dog Magazine Editor's Choice

By Terry Albert

Released in January 2017, this book takes you month by month through your Beagle puppy's first year. It includes everything you need to know about health, development, training, nutrition, socialization, and just how to have fun with your new puppy!

Numerous experts helped me with this book, and I hope you will find something new and interesting on every page! Special thanks to my advisers, breeders Mike and Karen Kurtzner, and veterinarian Deb Eldredge, DVM. They offered valuable input and carefully reviewed every word. Also thank you to the many breeders, trainers, Beagle owners, and other experts who shared their knowledge and experience: Liz Palika, Lynn Bryan, Kevin Kjonnas of the Beagle Freedom Project, Myrtha Morgan and the Regal Beagle Meetup Group of San Diego, and Pat Schaap.

More about my co-authors:

Mike and Karen Kurtzner have been involved with Beagles for several decades, and their Sun Valley Beagles have produced both show and field trial champions. Mike has also served as an AKC Field Trial Judge. Both Mike and Karen have worked as professional handlers in the show ring. Today, they are members of the National Beagle Club and actively show while they mentor new Beagle owners.

Deb Eldredge, DVM, graduated from Cornell University, where she was the first recipient of the Gentle Doctor Award given by the clinical faculty for best patient care. Dr. Eldredge is past president of the Dog Writers Association of America, is the author of more than 20 books on pets, and has won numerous writing awards. She counts numerous Beagles as good friends and patients.


The happy-go-lucky Beagle has been one of the top 10 dog breeds in America for many years—and with good reason. Their compact size, easy-care coat, excellent temperament, and devotion to their families make them ideal pets, especially for families with children. But they are also hounds, and this means Beagles are independent and determined, dedicated to following a scent wherever it takes them. With this in mind, they pose some challenges for the average owner. Super-smart and extremely active, your Beagle will keep you on your toes while providing you with years of fun.

Like any dog, Beagles need loving care, guidance, and discipline to grow into a well-behaved member of society. That’s where this book comes in. Whether you’re just beginning to research breeders near you for available puppies or you’ve adopted a rescue Beagle, you’re in for quite an adventure, and we hope to help you along the way!

beagle puppyMonths 1 & 2: The Littermate

Your puppy grows rapidly these first 2 months. Her mother provides most of her care. Your pup’s mother and littermates teach your pup the skills she needs to know.

Month 3: Your Puppy Comes Home

You choose your pup this month and then go home and prepare for his arrival. When you have him home, you begin crate and housetraining, get his vaccines, and more.

Month 4: Finding Her Way

Teething begins Month 4. She is in the critical period for socialization, so that’s your focus this month. You work on socializing while you have fun playing together.

Month 5: The Rebel

Your puppy becomes more independent this month. His vaccines are finished, socialization continues, and obedience training and household rules are reinforced.

Month 6: Full Speed Ahead

She starts to look less like a puppy and more like a growing dog this month. Injuries are likely as she romps and runs. Expect a few behavior issues as she tests the rules.


Month 7: The Silly Tweenager

At 7 months, consider spaying or neutering your pup. Training continues, further cementing the bond between the two of you.

Month 8: Adolescence

Teenagers are a challenge, as you’ll learn this month. She’s distracted, so help her learn concentration and self-control while giving her plenty of exercise.

Month 9: In Search of a Leader

Your pup begins to develop mature male or female physical characteristics this month. Put his nose to work with tracking and barn hunts.

Month 10: In Transition

You can begin comparing your puppy to the breed standard this month. Deal with barking and other behaviors before they become habits.

Oliver smelling something good!

Month 11: Putting Your Beagle to Work

At 11 months, he’s almost an adult. You can more easily travel with him now and get him involved with dog sports, such as obedience and agility.

Month 12 and Beyond:
Your Beagle Grows Up

She goes in for her annual checkup this month. You continue to provide training and plenty of exercise. From here on out, enjoy your best friend!