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Dogs 101 Boxer book by Terry Albert Animal Planet Dogs 101: Boxer

By Terry Albert, 2012, TFH Publishing

Dogs 101: Boxer will help you raise the ever-popular Boxer to be a well-behaved beloved family member, as thousands of Boxers are today throughout the world. Each chapter covers a different subject, including breed characteristics, supplies, grooming, health, training and activities.

Anecdotes about the many Boxers I have known appear in each chapter and help you get a feel for this happy-go-lucky breed that is especially devoted to his owner. Elegant and powerful, Boxers are also big lovers, full of fun and mischief. They are really, really smart, in a different way from a Lab or a Border Collie. They have a mind of their own, and are always thinking, so your Boxer will keep you on your toes!

Boxer-lovers are loyal to their breed for good reason. Boxers have been one of the most popular breeds in the United States since the turn of the century. Today's Boxer is not much different from that dog from over a hundred years ago. I have had Boxers living in my home and as guests, and I've always enjoyed their company.

A special thank you to the people who helped me in my research and also provided many great photos for this book: Cindy Jobs, Sarbit Singh DVM, Liz Palika, Tracy hendrickson, Dena Hudson, Dale Rigtrip, Terry Parrish, Annette Hake, Peggy Weiss, AN Sunder, Karon Adams, and Suzie Campbell.


Chapter 1: Origins of Your Boxer

Boxers were developed in Germany, and first came to the United States in the late 1800s. You'll learn how the history contributes to the Boxer we know today, and their contributions during both World Wars.

Chapter 2: Characteristics of Your Boxer

Here you'll learn about the physical characteristics and temperament of the typical Boxer. You'll find out why they have an underbite and smooshed nose. You'll learn how white Boxers fit into the picture, and why a Boxer's ears are cropped and his tail is docked.

Chapter 3: Supplies for Your Boxer

The best-dressed Boxer in town is a dapper guy, and you'll learn how to outfit him with the best bowls, collars, leashes, toys and crates for his needs.

Chapter 4: Feeding Your Boxer

Find out about different kinds of foods, from name brands to home-cooked and raw diets. And don't forget healthy treats! Boxers sometimes have special dietary needs and here you can learn the basics of good nutrition so your Boxer will live a long and healthy life.

Chapter 5: Grooming Your Boxer

Boxers have a smooth, almost care-free coat, but their wrinkly faces need some attention. Yours also needs to have his toenails clipped and teeth brushed on a regular basis. Learn how to go about it, when he should have a bath, and when it might be a good idea to take him to the groomer.

Chapter 6: Health of Your Boxer

Boxers have some inherited health problems, especially heart disease. Learn about these genetic issues and their symptoms. Also learn about diseases all dogs are prone to, parasites, and first aid. Spay/neuter issues and caring for your senior Boxer are also covered.

Tucker with a toy

Chapter 7: Training Your Boxer

Training your Boxer is fun and challenging. If he gets bored, be ready for some creative problem solving on his part! Positive, fun methods work well with Boxers, and this chapter goes through basic skills and how to teach them. You'll also learn what to look for in an obedience instructor.

Chapter 8: Solving Behavior Problems with Your Boxer

Historically, Boxers were used for bear and bull baiting, and for a short time, fighting. Today they are a treasured family pet, but they retain this bold, assertive temperament. This chapter helps you deal with typical behavior problems as well as aggression and territorial issues some Boxers develop. You'll also learn how to choose a behaviorist if you need more help.

Chapter 9: Activities with Your Boxer

Boxers love to "work" and need to exercise their minds as well as their bodies. In this chapter you'll learn about competitive sports like obedience, agility and protection work, known as Schutzhund. You'll also find out about non-competitive activities like therapy visits, scouting, 4-H and the Canine Good Citizen certificate offered by the AKC. And you'll find tips for traveling with your Boxer.

Enjoy your fun and beautiful Boxer. I hope this book helps you have a great life together!

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