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Dogs 101: Collie bookAnimal Planet Dogs 101: Collie

By Terry Albert, 2016, TFH Publishing

Dogs 101: Collie will help you raise your new Collie to be a well-behaved beloved family member, every bit as smart and loyal as the famous Lassie. Each chapter covers a different subject, including breed characteristics, supplies, grooming, health, training and activities.

Anecdotes about Collies I have owned or known appear in each chapter and help you get a feel for this loyal, elegant breed that is especially devoted to his owner. Besides owning my own Collies, I have been a volunteer for Collie rescue for many years, and have fostered dozens in my home.

Each chapter also includes tips from Collie experts that will help you with training and care.

I especially want to thank the volunteers and supporters of Southland Collie Rescue, who provided many photos in this book. It truly was a labor of love for all of us.

A special thank you to the people who helped me in my research: Gayle Kaye, Bob Weaterwax, Vickie VonSeggern, Janet Merriman, Monique Guerin, Liz Palika, Don Ironside, Julie Sandoval, Terry Rorem and Joan Levitt.

Chapter 1: Origins of Your Collie

Collies were developed in northern Britain as sheep herders and cattle drovers for Scottish farmers. You'll learn about famous people who have owned Collies, the Collie's role in the World Wars, and famous Collies in literature, like Lassie and Lad.

Chapter 2: Characteristics of Your Collie

Here you'll learn about the physical characteristics and temperament of the typical Collie. You'll see the differences between rough and smooth Collies, and learn about their loyalty and love for children.

Chapter 3: Supplies for Your Collie

The best-dressed Collie needs bowls, collars, leashes, grooming tools, toys and crates. You'll learn the secrets about which leashes are most comfortable for your hands and which collars won't ruin your dog's coat.

Chapter 4: Feeding Your Collie

Find out about different kinds of foods, from name brands to home-cooked and raw diets. And don't forget healthy treats! you'll learn the basics of good nutrition so your Collie will live a long and healthy life.

Chapter 5: Grooming Your Collie

Start early and teach your Collie to love grooming sessions. Yours also needs to have his toenails clipped and teeth brushed on a regular basis. Learn how to go about it, how often he should have a bath, and when it might be a good idea to take him to the groomer.

Chapter 6: Health of Your Collie

Some Collies have inherited health problems, especially a sensitivity to certain worming medicines. Learn about these and other genetic issues and their symptoms. Also learn about diseases all dogs are prone to, parasites, and first aid. Spay/neuter issues and caring for your senior Collie are also covered.

Chapter 7: Training Your Collie

Training your Collie is fun and challenging You'll find Collies are deep thinkers, extremely smart and willing to work for you. Positive, fun methods work well with Collies, and this chapter goes through basic skills and how to teach them. You'll also learn what to look for in an obedience instructor.

Chapter 8: Solving Behavior Problems with Your Collie

We know all Collies are perfect, but just in case, this chapter helps you deal with typical behavior problems your dog might develop, especially barking. Training and management are both keys to success here.

Chapter 9: Activities with Your Collie

In this chapter you'll learn about competitive sports like obedience, agility and herding. You'll also find out about non-competitive activities like therapy visits, scouting, 4-H and the Canine Good Citizen certificate offered by the AKC. And you'll find tips for traveling with your Collie.

I hope your treasured Collie will have a long and happy life with you, and that this book will help you achieve your goals for your dog!

My collie, Emma Emma, my collie