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Dogs 101 Animal Planet Labrador RetrieverAnimal Planet Dogs 101: Labrador Retriever

By Terry Albert, 2011, TFH Publishing

Dogs 101: Labrador Retriever will explain everything you need to know about caring for your Lab, including breed characteristics, essential supplies, grooming, health issues, training and activities.

My once-in- a-lifetime dog was a Labrador, Tank. Officially: U-CD Tiger Mountain's Yellow Gold, CD, JH, CGC. This book is dedicated to him and the countless hours of fun we had together. I made some of the best friends and had some of the happiest times of my life with this dog. We trained and competed in obedience, agility and for hunting tests. He accompanied me as I rode the trails of Tiger Mountain, and we spent countless hours just hanging out together. He was everything a Lab should be, but he was also a tremendous challenge. A combination of field and show breeding, he was whip smart and full of energy until his dying day.

One thing you can count on with a Lab, and that is lots of laughs. Some of the anecdotes included in this book give you a peek at what life with a Lab is all about.

Labs have been the number one breed in the Untied States for the last 20-plus years, and with good reason. This book will help you get off to a great start with your new best friend.

Thank you to the many people who helped me in my research for this book, including Edith Bryan, Julie Cantrell, Don and Barb Ironside, Nina Mann, Angie Meeks, Sarbit Singh, DVM, and Frances Smith DVM, Ph.D.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Origins of Your Labrador Retriever

This short history of the breed gives you some insight as to what makes a Lab the way he is. His behavior, physical characteristics and temperament all hark back to his past as a hunting dog and companion.

Chapter 2: Characteristics of Your Labrador

Looks, temperament and trainability are all important features in a Lab. What features make a Lab look like a Lab? Is he a big dog or a medium-sized dog? Are Labs ever aggressive or shy? Here's where you find out.

Chapter 3: Supplies for Your Lab

The perfectly outfitted Lab has plenty of washable and chew-proof accessories–from bowls to beds. These tips will help you choose durable and appropriate items for your new dog.

Chapter 4: Feeding Your Labrador Retriever

Labs aren't fussy eaters; in fact, they'll eat almost anything. Find out how to choose the best food for your Lab and how much he needs to eat to stay healthy and trim. Don't ask the dog; he'll eat a full bag of food every day! Interested in a raw or home-cooked diet? Here's some information you should consider.

Tank with his stuffed bunny

Tank with his stuffed bunny. He carried it everywhere with him.

Chapter 5: Grooming Your Lab

Labs don't have major requirements when it comes to grooming, but they do shed regularly, and a lot. Find out how to keep it under control. How often is too often to bathe a Lab? How do you brush his teeth or clip his toenails, and teach him to like the procedures?

Chapter 6: Health of Your Lab

Labs, like any breed, are prone to some breed-specific illnesses. This chapter explains what to be aware of when you buy your puppy, and what symptoms to look out for. You'll also learn the latest recommendations for vaccines, controlling parasites like fleas and worms, and first aid procedures. We'll also look at pet health insurance.

Chapter 7: Training Your Labrador Retriever

Labs love to be trained and are willing and able learners. An untrained Lab is an untimigated nightmare. Here's how to start training and maintain a well-behaved dog.

Chapter 8: Solving Problems with Your Lab

Even the best-trained lab goes through chewing stages, and a bored or lonely Lab will get into even more trouble. From destruction to house manners, this chapter helps you get your buddy under control.

Chapter 9: Activities with Your Lab

Agility, obedience, hunting tests, dock diving, rally, flyball and even dancing are competitive activities you'll both love. For the less sports-minded dog owner, there are therapy visits, and 4-H or scouting activities for kids. Also, be prepared to take your Lab along on familiy vacations by following the guidelines in this chapter.

Please enjoy the book, and enjoy your Labrador Retriever!



What people are saying:

“An outstanding job presenting the different stages of puppy growth. I recommend this book to everyone getting a new
Labrador puppy.” –Nina Mann, Harbortop Labradors

"A copy of this wonderful book will accompany every puppy who leaves my home to join another. Thank you, Terry, for this resource!"
–Nancy Shahan-Wall, Wallcroft Labradors

“This book addresses all the situations the owner of a new Lab puppy is likely to encounter. The month-by-month format helps to reassure new owners that their puppy is right on track to become a fabulous companion. I highly recommend it.”
–Kim Campbell Thornton, author and former editor, Dog Fancy

“Well written, comprehensive; everything you need to know to raise the perfect pet.”
–Florence Scarinci, librarian and CCI puppy raiser

“ …a must for even an experienced Lab puppy parent. ”
–Melanie Monteiro, author of Safe Dog Handbook