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And these are my horses

Icelandic horses

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ASPCA Aniamls At WorkRead about Ari's work as a park ranger in the book, ASPCA Kids: Animals at Work, by Liz Palika, published in 2009.
Read the two page story about Ari here.

Ari Icelandic horse
Ari is a pinto Icelandic horse. He came to the USA from Iceland in 1998 and was ridden as a show horse, and was even ridden in the Rose Parade in 1999. Then he was sold to me, and I keep him as a pet and trail horse. We also patrol the trails as mounted reserve park rangers for the city of Poway in San Diego county.


This is Star, who is in training to my next riding horse when Ari retires.

Little Red is a therapeutic riding horse at the Shea Center in Orange Co.

Little Red was my first Icelandic. The far photo is Star and Little Red.

Little Red is now a therapy horse at the Shea Center in Orange County (see photo at left). He will ive there for a few years and when he retires, he will come back to live with me.

Sherlock, rescued shetland ponyTerry and Sherlock

This is Sherlock, a shetland pony that I adopted from rescue in May 2010. An untrained stallion, he was a victim of neglect and seized by animal control. I, of course, couldn't resist. He is now a gelding and his training is coming along well. He is very sweet!


Meet Gloi, the newest member of my horse family. Also an Icelandic, he was an untrained stallion and had never been handled when he came to me in August of 2014. We have lots of work to do, but he has a wonderful disposition and is sweet and gentle.


In memory of Honey

Terry and Spice

In memory of Spice

In memory of Sage